Event description

At first we have to spread out in the branded area around Market Ruins Waypoint and kill veteran or higher-ranked Branded monsters to raise the ire of Branded Forgotten Zealots and lure them out of hiding. Keep an eye on event bar which shows progress on luring the Zealots out. As the bar fills, 5 Zealots will appear throughout the Brand. We have to find and kill them to complete the first part of the event.


Then another 5 Branded Forgotten Zealots will appear in the area of Grand Court of Sebelteh. For this, the squad has to split into 5 groups and kill each Branded Forgotten Zealot quickly.

The spots will be marked with squad markers. Which group goes to which marker will be announced in the squad message.

You must defeat them all before the branded crystal detonates. Break their defiance bar as fast as possible to slow or pause the detonation of the branded crystal. The bar on the right of the screen will start full and decrease, the crystal will detonate when this bar is empty. So keep a close eye on it.


CC skills are very important, since the Zealots are invulnerable as long their defiance bar is up, which regains within 10 seconds. So make sure to use all your CC skills every 10 seconds when the defiance bar is up to damage the Zealots.

After that, 2 Champions will spawn. Players should focus the Forgotten (Ysshi Hessani) first, because if the hydra (Pek Rakt Grag) dies before him, the Forgotten will resurrect it. Best would be if one group could lure the hydra away and the others kill Ysshi Hessani.


At 25% HP Ysshi periodically gains the 'determined' buff (2 min) which makes it invulnerable. While it's invulnerable, it summons sparks. They should be killed quickly as they are healing the boss. Mount up when the timer on Ysshi's invulnerable buff reaches 49 seconds. At 49 seconds left on the buff, Ysshi deals a powerful AOE.

Then head back and dps Ysshi again. Note, this mechanic may repeat again before Ysshi is defeated.


After killing Ysshi Hessani, everyone can focus on Pek Rakt Grag.

Event description on wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Serpents'_Ire

First Waypoint we jump to

Market Ruins Waypoint - [&BHQKAAA=]

Squad chat explanations

Possible valuable loot

Prices according to orders in trading post


- Chest of the Desert Specialist (Choice of Sunspear weapons) (Up to ~30 gold)