Event description

The meta event in Tangled Depths takes place on 4 different lanes: Ogre Lane, Nuhoch Lane, Rata Novus Lane and SCAR Lane.


Each lane has its own mechanics to lure out the Legendary Chak Gerent. You have to start at the very end of the lane and complete the respective event to reach at least level 0 to accomplish the pre-event. If we don't reach Level 0 until the time runs out, the event already fails.




On Ogre Lane you have to destroy all the surrounding Chak eggs.


On Nuhoch Lane you have to stomp the nodules that appear on the big mushrooms. Be careful of the Sporelings that also pop up then. They can knock you down and push you off the mushrooms.


On Rata Novus Lane you have to destroy the Ancient Ley Line Energy Collectors, grab the surrounding Ley Energy and throw it to the Golem in the middle of the area.


On SCAR Lane you have to kill all the surrounding Chak.


After 1 minute there will be a group of Chak heading to the cannon in front of the lane. Some players of the squad should kill them as fast as possible. If the Chak reach the cannon, the event fails.


After 2 minutes the Chak Gerent will pop up. Now you have to deal as much damage as possible. Watch out for the purple Pheromone Clouds it drops down every now and then. They expand rapidly and deal a lot of damage.


You have 3 minutes to kill the Chak Gerent. If you can't make it in time, you have to go further to the front of the lane to the next spot, where you have to repeat the pre-events (Special mechanics and Chak rush). The area in the back will be left poisoned then.


After another 2 minutes doing the pre-event, the Chak Gerent pops up again and you have again 3 minutes to kill it.

First Waypoint we jump to

Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint - [&BA4IAAA=]

Possible valuable loot

- Chak Egg Sac out of Charged Quartz Orichalcum Amulet of the Chak

  (Ordered for 10.000 gold in the trading post)

- Ascended Armor Chests