Event description

We are doing full Tangled Depths Event Meta starting with the pre events on every lane. Here you get the chance to complete your achievements for participating in every stage at the outpost events.

For this, all waypoints on the map are required.

If we have time between pre events and main fight on lanes, we go for a hero point run.

After the pre events we split into 4 groups to kill the Legendary Chak Gerent on each lane.

First Waypoint we jump to

Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint - [&BA4IAAA=]

Possible valuable loot

- Chak Egg Sac out of Charged Quartz Orichalcum Amulet of the Chak

  (Ordered for 10.000 gold in the trading post)

- Ascended Armor Chests

- Occasionally Shiny Baubles as map bonus reward (30 silver)