Event description

We jump to entry waypoint, split into 3 teams - north, mid and south. On each lane a couple of events have to be done. Please note that for some events you are required to have poison lore mastery.

After all lanes are done, we have to do the Blighting Tower events to open the entry to the Dragon's Domain.

For this, the teams on north, mid and south running in circles around the tower killing Preservers in order to avoid getting Ley Energy Collectors that would reset the health of the bosses to 100%.
Each team has a boss group with 6-9 people that are responsible for killing the boss in the middle of the tower.

After this phase is finished, we enter the Dragon's Domain to kill Mordremoth.

Once Mordremoth is dead we are going to kill the Treasure Mushroom on each lane, opening the Noxious Pods and killing some small bosses. On this run you are also able to get the ranger pet Juvenile Electric Wyvern.

First Waypoint we jump to

Pact Base Camp Waypoint - [&BBAIAAA=]

Possible valuable loot

Prices according to orders in trading post

Mordremoth's Chest:
- Berserker's Lightward's Battlestaff (~200 gold)
- Berserker's Lightward's Battlehammer (~18 gold)
- Mordrem weapons (~30-160 gold)
- Berserker's Seer's Warstaff (~40 gold)

Noxious Pods:
- Mordrem weapons (~30-160 gold)
- Berserker's Seer's Warstaff (~40 gold)
- Dandy Bluster (~50 gold)
- Might of Brauer (~15 gold)
- Leystone armor pieces

Treasure mushroom:
Invisible Boot Box (light: ~1.800 gold, medium:~700 gold, heavy ~2.000 gold)