Event description

At the Auric Basin Meta Event Run we are organizing an Octovine kill phase to open the Golden City and get all the chests and shines!

We will provide a commander for every side to make sure the events will be done properly and the Octovines are killed at the same time.

First Waypoint we jump to

Wanderer's Waypoint - [&BNYHAAA=]

Possible valuable loot

Prices according to orders in trading post


Great Exalted Chest:
- Augury of Death (~23 gold)
- Berserker's Ley Guard's Protector (~15 gold)
- Berserker's Ley Guard's Revolver (~11 gold)

Grand Exalted Chest:
- Vial of Liquid Aurillium out of Charged Quartz Orichalcum Amulet of the Exalted (~2.000 gold)
- Great Capra (~5 gold)
- Ascended Armor Chests
- Ascended Weapon Chests