Event description

Triple Trouble is a meta event that takes place in the Bloodtide Coast.

The objective is to defeat three heads of the Great Jungle Wurm world boss at the same time. To make this possible, three organized groups are needed.

Further instructions you will get on TeamSpeak ts.gw2community.com

First Waypoint we jump to

Firthside Vigil Waypoint - [&BKoBAAA=]

Make sure to join us on TeamSpeak ts.gw2community.com in Triple Trouble channel in time for better communication in order to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable run.

Gather times

GW2Community is organizing this event Monday till Saturday at 21:30 CEST

This is the time where we gather in TeamSpeak to start the organization. As soon we got enough players and the Commander Team found an empty Bloodtide Coast map, there will be squadjoins provided.

Wurm Spawn Time:

Advertisement messages

We always appreciate if you help us doing advertisement for this event on several maps before the event starts.

GW2Community will be killing the next Triple Trouble Wurm! To participate please join us on TS at ts.gw2community.com. Channel: Triple Trouble Wurm. Whisper me for more info.


It's Triple Trouble time again! Join the GW2Community run for a 99.9% kill, complete your achievements and take your chance to get an Ascended Chest. Meet up at 21:30 CEST on ts.gw2community.com

Possible valuable loot

- Ascended armor or weapon chests
- Ascended chest with Wurmslayer's armor pieces