Event description

The Shatterer is a world boss in Blazeridge Steppes


On the Shatterer run we try to help you to get all the achievements. Most difficult achievement is "Smash the Dragon" where you have to complete the fight without the Shatterer ever taking off and using Shard Storm.


To achieve this, we have to quickly CC the dragon as soon it's defiance bar is up.


For this we have to jump on the jumping pads at the starting spot in the right time


Times for jumping (xx:xx minutes left on the timer):

14:16, 12:15, 9:45, 7:45


Before we jump, the thieves can use Basilisk Venom to support their group with extra CC.


On the commander's countdown we are jumping at the same time and start gliding. If you got Stealth Gliding it is recommended to use it, since the dragon will transform you into a crystal, what makes you falling down and dying.


As soon the CC bar is up, all of us have to use skill 1 of the gliding abilities on the dragon's head as fast as possible to smash it down.


If we successfully broke its CC bar, it won't fly up and we can damage it. Before its defiance bar opens again, we have to repeat the jumping and using skill 1 while gliding.


When the dragon reaches 50% HP, it will spawn crystals. Get back to the jumping pad and use skill 1 while gliding also on the crystals to destroy them.


After the crystal phase, the times for the dragon's CC bar may vary. Keep an eye on the bar and jump in the right time to prevent the dragon from flying.


In between you can damage the dragon or destroy crystals if they spawn again.


If we successfully managed to break the defiance bar every time, you will get your Smash the Dragon achievement.


After the event is done and we got enough people, we can try to jump to another map instance to get further achievements or retry Smash the Dragon in case we failed.

First Waypoint we jump to

Guardian Stone Waypoint - [&BP8BAAA=]

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