Event description

We are doing all temples in Orr and other world bosses like Tequatl, Eye of Zhaitan, Foulbear, Rhendak, Dredge Commissar, Fire Shaman and Rotbeard.

Possible valuable loot

Prices according to orders in trading post


Eye of Zhaitan: Pendant of Arah (~250 gold), Circle of Arah (~7 gold)
Foulbear: Sam (~180 gold), Foulbear Lucky Feathers (~4 gold)
Temple of Lyssa: All Seeing (~125 gold)
Rhendak: Rhendak's Signet (~81 gold), Rhendak's Trident (~1 gold)
Dredge Commissar: Commissar's Manifesto (~50 gold), Call of the Commissar (~5 gold)
Temple of Dwayna: Dwayna's Embrace (~41 gold), Star of Dwayna (~31 gold)
Temple of Balthazar: Balthazar's Band (~39 gold)
Rotbeard: Rotbeard's Treasure (~31 gold)
Temple of Grenth: Signet of Grenth (~13 gold)
Temple of Melandru: Melandru's Bloom (~6 gold), Wisteria (~2 gold)
Tequatl: Ascended weapon chests, Ascended weapon chest with weapon skins of the Sunless


Temple of Dwayna:
Temple of Dwayna: [&BLICAAA=] Lights Waypoint, Rare loot: [&AgE3mgAA], [&AgE0mgAA]

Temple of Lyssa:
Temple of Lyssa: [&BKwCAAA=] Wren Waypoint, Rare loot: [&AgGEtQAA]

Temple of Melandru:
Temple of Melandru: [&BBsDAAA=] Verdance Waypoint, Rare loot: Melandru's Bloom, Wisteria

Temple of Grenth:
Temple of Grenth: [&BCIDAAA=] Murdered Dreams Waypoint, Rare loot: Signet of Grenth

Temple of Balthazar:
Temple of Balthazar: [&BNIEAAA=] Rally Waypoint, Rare loot: Balthazar's Band

Tequatl: [&BNABAAA=] Splintered Coast Waypoint, Rare loot: [&AgH+ugAA]

Rotbeard: [&BOQGAAA=] Shipwreck Rock Waypoint, Rare loot: [&AgEvmgAA]

Eye of Zhaitan:
Eye of Zhaitan: [&BPgCAAA=] Waywarde Waypoint, Rare loot: [&AgEzmgAA], Circle of Arah

Foulbear: [&BDwEAAA=] Spotters Waypoint, Rare loot: [&AgGDtQAA], [&Cm4SAAA=]

Dredge Commissar:
Dredge Commissar: [&BD8FAAA=] Sorrow's Embrace Waypoint, Rare loot: [&AgEsmgAA], Call of the Commissar

Fire Shaman:
Fire Shaman: [&BO4BAAA=] Gladefall Waypoint

Priest of Arah:
Priest of Arah: [&BCADAAA=] Arah Waypoint

Rhendak: [&BNwAAAA=] Font of Rhand Waypoint, Rare loot: [&AgE5mgAA], Rhendak's Trident